The world’s first artificial intelligence bar opens in London

World’s first AI bar opens in London

A London bar, 5cc Harrild & Sons has introduced ‘A.I Bar’ to its establishment, using smart facial recognition technology to help bartenders serve patrons in a way that is fairer and quicker.

DataSparQ has developed its ‘A.I. Bar’, a product designed to incorporate facial recognition technology to organise a ‘virtual queue’ for patrons, eliminating queue jumping and adding automated age verification to speed up ID checks by informing potential under 25’s to have their ID ready for inspection or to inform repeat drinkers that they have already had their ID checked.

Facial recognition technology has been a hot topic with privacy rights advocates, however DataSparQ claims that before and after data showed an overall reduction in serving times, estimating an additional 78 million pints could be poured each year if every drinking establishment in the UK adopted the technology.

The ‘A.I. Bar’ is comprised as a ‘Software as a service product’, allowing users to operate the software by using a webcam, display screen and internet connection.