The Twelve Technical Trends That Will Shape The Future

Technological trends that will shape the future


Imagine a future where you don’t own a car. You really don’t own much at all. A driverless vehicle picks you up and takes you anywhere you need to go. On average, you wait less than 30 seconds for a ride. Since your movements are being tracked, your car service knows exactly when you’ll be ready to leave and ensures a car is there waiting for you as you step outside. Cloud services provide you with all your movies, books, music and games. Instead of hanging art on your walls, an online service casts pictures onto them that change periodically. You subscribe to a food service that delivers all your meals.

You also have a clothes subscription service, which allows you to wear something different every day of the year, without the hassle of doing laundry. You wear a device that tracks how many steps you take, where you go, how well you’re sleeping, and how you spend your day. You will never have to argue over what was said in a meeting or a discussion since you can pull up every conversation you ever had with someone and replay it. A robot took your old job, but you got a new one. Since most jobs of the future haven’t been invented yet, it’s hard to say what that job might be.

Kevin Kelly, futurist and former executive editor at Wired magazine, provides a glimpse of what the future may look like over the next 30 years. In his book “The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future,” he proposes 12 trends that will transform how we work, learn, spend our leisure and communicate.