The Top Highest Paying Artificial Intelligence Jobs

The 5 AI jobs with the highest salaries

The Top Highest Paying Artificial Intelligence Jobs

By Alison DeNisco Rayome

Demand for artificial intelligence (AI) jobs grew 29% in the last year, though has begun to slow down from years prior, according to new data from job search site Indeed. With more open jobs than qualified candidates to fill them, many AI-related roles command large salaries, Indeed found.

Machine learning engineers are the most in-demand AI job based on the number of job postings, and also are offered the highest paycheck on average. They are also the professionals with the largest boost in salary year over year, the data showed.

Here are the five AI job titles with the highest salaries, according to Indeed:

1. Machine learning engineer
Average salary: $142,859

2. Data scientist
Average salary: $126,927

3. Computer vision engineer
Average salary: $126,400

4. Data warehouse architect
Average salary: $126,008

5. Algorithm engineer
Average salary: $109,313

Similar to Indeed’s ranking of the most in-demand AI jobs of 2019, those with the highest salaries demonstrate how the AI labor market is evolving, the data showed. More generalized positions that were found on last year’s list of highest salaries, including director of analytics, data engineer, and computer scientist, but didn’t make the list this year.