The Future of the Data Scientist

How the data scientist will evolve over the next decade

By Deevra Norling

When the digital revolution hit, it forever changed the parameters of data science. To cope with the demands of big data, there has been an emergence of new technology, systems and data science roles. As the world continues to generate staggering amounts of data, how will data science evolve over the next decade?

If you are thinking of becoming a data scientist, the outlook is rosy. Glassdoor ranks data scientist as the best job in the US in 2019, earning a median salary of $108,000. It is one of the hottest careers at the moment and the demand for data scientists is set to increase.

With an exponential increase in data comes a greater demand for data scientists. It is estimated that the entire digital universe will reach a mind-boggling 44 zettabytes by 2020. To put 44 zettabytes into perspective, it means there will be 40 times more bytes in cyberspace than there are stars in the observable universe. That is hard to fathom.