‘Superhuman’ Artificial Intelligence Bot By Facebook Beats Poker Pros

Facebook’s ‘superhuman’ AI becomes first to defeat pros in six-player poker

By  Christopher Carbone

An artificial intelligence bot developed by Facebook defeated professionals in six-player Hold’em, marking the first time AI has beaten human experts in a complex game with more than two players or teams.

Although AI has made many advances, beating human players in chess and other games, poker has been more challenging because it involves hidden information and success can require techniques such as bluffing.

Pluribus, the name of the AI bot developed by Facebook in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, was able to defeat elite professionals in two different formats. According to Facebook’s blog post, if each chip had been worth a dollar, Pluribus would have won about $5 per hand and made about $1,000 per hour against the five human players

Unlike other similar AI projects, which can cost millions of dollars to achieve a major breakthrough, Facebook got a lot of computing bang for its buck with Pluribus — thanks to algorithmic improvements.

“We trained the blueprint strategy for Pluribus in eight days on a 64-core server and required less than 512 GB of RAM. No GPUs were used,” the company said in its blog post. “At typical cloud computing instance rates, it would cost less than $150 to train.”