Professional Sports Leagues Embracing Artificial Intelligence

Leagues Continuing to Appreciate, Embrace AI


In 2019, it is impossible to avoid the ever-growing presence of artificial intelligence – in the workforce. In the media. And last, but certainly not least, sports.

“Every sport is starting to use different types of technologies and they’re testing the waters of what works and what doesn’t,” said Matt Swensson, NFL VP of emerging products and technology. “[The NFL] definitely [has] a very large human element to our game and it’s not going to be a game that’s replaced by robots.

“Every club has embraced the fact that this is where not just the NFL has been going, but where all sports are going – collecting more data and more information,” said Swensson. “Most clubs nowadays have some sort of staff either internally or they’re working with a third party to either analyze data or do number-crunching to get more insight into what the players are doing and what they’re capable of.”

With how far the NBA and NFL have come in their tech knowledge, baseball’s interest is intensifying as well. Only 15 days removed from baseball’s first-ever automated ball-strike zone created by TrackMan, the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball expanded the technology league-wide on July 25 for the remainder of its season.

Photo Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports