Online Shopping Now Even More Tempting Thanks To Breinify Artificial Intelligence

How AI Is Set to Make Online Shopping Even More Tempting


Because Diane Keng is fixing your browsing experience with artificial intelligence — then conquering the rest of the world.

Keng, 27, founded San Francisco-based Breinify in 2015 to bring the power of artificial intelligence to online retail. Breinify uses temporal data — data that varies over time like weather, traffic and user behavior, typically used by transportation systems such as air traffic control — and ties it together from multiple sites to help brands better understand and target their customers. “We were purely surprised this wasn’t already translated into online retail,” says Keng. “At the end of the day, how you behave last week might not be the same as this week.”

But retail is just the beginning for Breinify. Keng says joining temporal data with AI can predict outcomes in ways that transform everything from pharmaceuticals to fintech to agriculture — likely within the next decade.

Breinify works with major brands like Hershey, BevMo and Hidden Valley Ranch and gets access to the data that customers have already opted into by visiting these company websites. The engine makes predictions about customer behavior that these companies could never do on their own without an extensive in-house data science team.

As a young female founder with four companies under her belt, Keng also works to help other women advance in the tech industry and entrepreneurship. “I do fundraising walk-throughs for founders and a lot of it is about shifting the mindset around how women think,” she says. “The biggest differentiator between women and the typical White man is that women are not able to talk bullshit as well — they second-guess themselves and put themselves down.” Keng encourages female founders to practice speaking in front of a mirror confidently, something that’s helped her in the past.