Nvidia Scientist Says Enhanced Computing Power, Open Source Are Keys to AI Revolution

Nvidia Scientist Says Enhanced Computing Power, Open Source Are Keys to AI Revolution

By Alexander Ferguson

Welcome back to UpTech Report series on AI. In this episode we continue our conversation with Alicia Klinefelter, research scientist for Nvidia. Alicia is an expert in her field. She has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia. Since joining Nvidia, her focus has turned towards high-performance hardware, including machine learning circuits and systems.

  • What is your view of the AI revolution?I think of it a little bit differently then maybe someone who is more on the algorithms or kind of theoretic side. For me, I see it more as a revolution of finally having enough compute power. Essentially to do a lot of these complex algorithms that, you know, have been limiting this revolution for years. Because a lot of the algorithms and the, you know, the underlying mathematics of machine learning have been around for decades—since the 1950s—and really what kind of revolutionized these things is, finally in the mid-2000s to late-2000s we’ve been having this this enormous progression of compute power that has enabled a lot of us to finally kind of implement these algorithms on a larger scale.

    I mean, the first one people will say is computing power, as I already mentioned, which I think is really important. But another one that people will site is kind of open source—open sourcing of everything.

    Whether it’s the software or the models or just any infrastructure around machine learning.

    Open sourcing: that is so important because in order to generate a complex model essentially it just takes so much of like an end-to-end stack that you would have to develop yourself that if, I mean it would be so time intensive to do that on your own that if these open source tools weren’t there then no one could do anything very quickly.

photo: YourLocalStudio.  Alicia Klinefelter, research scientist for Nvidia.

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