Existing Storage Limitations Present a Bottleneck for AI

Existing Storage Infrastructure is the Bottleneck for AI

By Nicole Hemsoth

Existing Storage Limitations Present a Bottleneck for AI.

There are only a few such startups and we tried to integrate them into the storage and I/O section of The Next AI Platform event in May to provide a well-rounded view of how storage shifts with AI in the mix. Among those startups we interviewed live on stage at the sold-out event was Vast Data, whose founder and CEO, Renen Hallak, gave us a look inside how their company blended new and old to match emerging demand.

“Existing storage infrastructure is the bottleneck for AI,” Hallak told the audience.

“AI has been rejuvenated in the last few years and leans on some very old ideas and algorithms with a lot of new computation and lots of very fast access to massive datasets. Those are key pieces to AI’s success. But existing storage systems weren’t built for these workloads. HPC has been thrown onto the storage stage but HPC workflows are pretty much the opposite of AI workflows,” he explains.