Domino’s Artificial Intelligence Pizza Checker Improves Customer Quality Scores

Domino's AI pizza checker boosts customer quality scores 15% a month in


This weekend, Domino’s Australia reported that its Pizza Checker worked to boost product quality scores from customers of its Australian and New Zealand stores an eye-opening 15% for the first 13 million pies the tool scanned for order fulfillment accuracy.

The kitchen-based AI tool checks whether finished pizzas contain all of the customer’s requested ingredients and none of the ones that weren’t specified by scanning each pie before its cut in the kitchen, as we told you in May. The AI-based tool is the result of a two-year development process under the Israeli-based, Dragontail Systems.

Now, Domino’s Australia told Pizza Marketplace that for the first time in the pizza industry, customers will get a real-time image of their pizza before it’s cut, boxed and hustled out the door to make sure its up to expectations. In fact, the company said that customers will now have complete visibility over their meal from moment they order, including everything from where it is in the making process, to what it looks like coming out of the oven and whether it passed the quality test.

When asked whether the technology is being considered for use elsewhere in the Domino’s system globally, corporate spokesman, Tim McIntyre said, “None that we know of,” adding that, “Australia is the pioneer here. Many markets, including the U.S., are watching this closely.”