Artificial Intelligence Salespeople? Industry Experts Say “Not So Fast”

Why salespeople should not fear AI

By Emma Woollacott

Artificial Intelligence Salespeople? Industry Experts Say “Not So Fast”

“AI and machine-learning are the next evolution of the digital revolution,” says Brendan Dykes, director of product marketing at customer experience and call centre technology vendor Genesys.

In a recent analysis sponsored by Genesys, MIT Technology Review Insights found that almost 90 per cent of companies around the world are using AI to improve the customer journey.

Of these, more than 90 per cent report faster complaint resolution and over 80 per cent say call volume processing is improved.

Between one quarter and one half of all inquiries are now completely resolved through automated channels, and 70 per cent of respondents say revenue has increased.

The advantages of using AI in sales are apparent at every stage of the customer journey. “In sales, leveraging artificial intelligence at the first point of engagement with a prospect or customer can have a tremendous impact on a business’s ability to convert a lead, make a sale, decrease costs and more,” says Mr Dykes.

It’s a worrying prospect for many salespeople, who fear being replaced by a disembodied AI. In fact, AI in sales can be a huge enabler, allowing sales professionals to focus their time and efforts where they’re most needed, says Ms Hansen.

“Organisations must understand that AI augments sales staff, but does not replace them; therefore, AI will not absorb B2B sales jobs. By using current technologies, 40 per cent of administrative sales work can be automated, which may rise to 47 per cent with improved natural-language processing,” she says.