Adobe Technology Previews: Leveraging Immediate User Feedback and Artificial Intelligence To Make Better Applications

Adobe Technology Previews: A Game Changer for Developing and Testing AI-Driven Solutions

By Aaron Goldberg

Technology Previews in Adobe Analytics uses AI to evaluate customer input and identify how algorithms need to be enhanced or modified. In many ways, customers become virtual product managers, delivering input and insight that they are uniquely able to provide. This “fast feedback” approach connects customers and the development team in ways that were never possible with legacy software development. The result is software that is far more production-ready when released and that customers can have more confidence in.

The inability to effectively gather and incorporate user feedback is why some AI-enabled solutions must be updated soon after launch. This new technology for gathering customer input, pioneered by Adobe, is removing that risk. Technology Previews is a leading example of new development paradigms for intelligent applications that are necessary as AI and machine learning become commonplace.

“We allow our customers access to a new AI- or machine learning-enhanced feature for 90 days, and this interaction speeds the delivery of this innovation to customers,” said Bates. “We can now deliver AI-powered solutions in a much shorter period of time, with certainty that the customer will get exactly what they need.”

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